Leaky Gut Symptoms

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Leaky gut is the condition in which the small intestine lining becomes hurt, leading to toxic waste products, microbes, undigested food, and bacteria to leak via the intestines and into the blood stream. When these substances enter into the blood, they lead to autoimmune response and other disorders in the body. As a result, conditions such as joint pain, fatigue, digestive issues, and skin conditions like psoriasis, develop. The leaky gut is caused by a number of things like poor diet, excess toxins and chronic stress. Also, it can be cured by eating a proper diet, taking supplements and leaving a better lifestyle like drinking less.

To know if you have a leaky gut, there are various tests that can be conducted to know. All these signs and cures of the leaky gut have been discussed in detail below.

Causes of Leaky gut

  1. Lack of beneficial gut bacteria

One of the major causes of a leaky gut is the imbalance of the good and bad bacteria in the gut. The major cause of this imbalance is as a result of overuse of antibiotic drugs and a lack of probiotics. The probiotics are very essential in when it comes to preventing the leaky gut, as they strengthen the gut barrier. Thus, you are needed to rebalance your gut bacteria with probiotics by adding probiotic rich foods in your diet.

  1. Inflammatory foods

The foods that a good number of people eat today are full of pro-inflammatory foods that when taken regularly, they can harm the cells in your gut tissue, which are referred to as epithelial tissue, and support intestinal permeability. Such foods include; soy, refined sugar, wheat & gluten, corn, additives & preservatives found in processed foods, highly processed vegetable oils and conventional dairy. Before eating any food, ne able to identified if it harms your gut or fights against gut ailments.

  1. Chronic stress

Food isn’t the only cause of inflammation in our lifestyle. Also, unending stress can weaken our immune system. If the immune system is weak, it will be difficult for it to battle against foreign invaders in our body such as viruses, fungus and bacteria. In turn, this will lead to inflammation and a leaky gut. There is no better way to such an issue than getting enough sleep and reducing stress. Other activities to perform in order to reduce stress are; walking outdoors, meet friends, carry out some activities that keep you engaged and have some fun by playing football or going to events.

  1. Excess toxins

Our bodies are surrounded with a number of things like chemicals, environmental pollutants, heavy metals, preservatives and additives, all year round. All these toxins are in our surrounding and we come into contact with them on almost a daily basis. The moment these toxins enter your body, the liver works hard to securely get rid of them. But if you are exposed to these toxins regularly, the liver may become overworked and your body’s natural capability to detoxify will apparently slow down. When the digestive system is sluggish, toxins will move freely in your gut, which may lead to damaging your gut lining and causing the gut to be leaky. All you need to do is to manage the number of toxins you’re exposed to.

10 symptoms of leaky gut syndrome

  1. Inflammatory bowel disease

If you are suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, then it’s time for you to go for a checkup of a leaky gut. A research indicates that it has discovered that individuals that suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis normally have advanced gut permeability. Thus, treating the gut issue may mean treating the inflammatory bowel syndrome too.

  1. Thyroid issues

Constant thyroid problems can be linked to leaky gut disease. When it comes to autoimmune diseases that leaky gut syndrome affects directly, it is Hashimoto’s disease. This is sometimes referred to as chronic thyroiditis. This disorder can cause an impaired metabolism, depression, fatigue and weight gain. When you cure the gut, you will as well be able to treat this ailment.

  1. Inflammatory skin conditions

This was discovered a very long time ago. It is the gut skin connection stating how the hyper-permeability can lead to a number of ski conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. These skin conditions are usually prescribed with their own cure, not knowing that healing the gut is similar to directly healing them.

  1. Food allergies

When being faced by a food allergy, it is very important to go and test for a leaky gut. In most cases, individuals who report cases of food sensitivities end up discovering that their gut is the problem. As a result of the toxins that enter into the bloodstream, the immune system of individuals with hyderpermeability are in excessive creation of a number of antibodies, which makes their bodies to be more allergic to antigens in particular foods, more so in dairy and gluten foods.

  1. Autoimmune disease

Another way to know if a person is suffering from a leaky gut is by identifying if one has an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease is caused by the presence of a weak immune system which is not capable of fighting viruses and bacteria in the body. When your immune system is weak, these viruses and bacteria will attack your healthy cells making them weak. Some of the common autoimmune diseases that leaky gut patients experiences are; hashimoto’s disease, psoriasis, inflammatory and bowel syndrome.

  1. Mood problems and autism

Are you currently having mood issues, feel down low, lack concentration or even feel bored? Go and have a leaky gut test. A study indicates that leaky gut has various neurocognitive diseases. Forinstance, a disorder like inflammatory response feature of intestinal hyperpermeability activates the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and other chemicals that trigger depression and stress.

  1. Malabsorption

It has been discovered that individuals with a leaky gut syndrome have nutritional deficiencies. This condition emanates from the leaky gut and the nutritional deficiencies include vitamin B12, important enzymes and magnesium, which assist in digesting food. People with a leaky gut are advised to supplement with whole foods that are rich in live probiotic and multi-vitamin. These will aid in food digestion and as well ensure that they get the crucial nutrients needed for a healthier and stronger gut.

  1. Headache and memory loss

Other common signs of a leaky gut are headaches, memory loss and brain fog. All of these result from the immune system being weak. The brain and other parts of the body don’t function well the moment the food particles supposed to be digested in the intestines gets into the bloodstream. These conditions can be healed by treating the leaky gut. Eat foods that boost the gut and avoid those that contribute to a leaky gut.

  1. Fatigue

Fatigue occurs because the liver is being overworked and as a result, most of the energy is sued to process other functions instead of the ones required. You may be feeling tired for longer or on a daily basis. Simply cure leaky gut in order to cure fatigue and restore your energy levels for the whole body.

  1. Joint pain

A person who suffers from joint pain may as well have a leaky gut. This may be caused due to inflammation.

Foods that heal leaky gut syndrome

For those suffering from leaky gut syndrome, it should be great if they considered incorporating the foods that we are about to discuss in their diet. These foods will help in their quest to cure a leaky gut. They include:

  • Raw cultured dairy – this is an excellent meal for individuals with a leaky gut issues. This is because they have probiotics and SCFA’s that assists in the cure of the gut. You can use yoghurt, butter and raw cheese.
  • Coconut products – almost all coconut products are great to the gut. The coconut has a compound by the name MCFA’s which makes it simple to digest when compared to other forms of fats. This functions outstandingly for the leaky gut. In addition, coconut kefir has probiotics which support the digestive system.
  • Bone broth – bone broth functions by curing damaged cell walls. This is made possible by the collagen and amino acids proline & glycine. When consumed for a number of days, the bone broth can cure the leaky gut and heal autoimmune ailments.
  • Healthy fats – eat foods that contain health fats such as salmon, avocado, egg yolk and tuna.
  • Sprouted seeds – there are different types of sprouted seeds that a person can take in order to cure a leaky gut. For instance, flaxseeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds. These seeds are a wonderful source of fiber that can assist in the creation of good bacteria. But for those with a severe leaky gut, acquiring fiber from steamed vegetables and fruit should be their best alternative.
  • Fermented vegetables – these may include; kvass, sauerkraut and kimchi. These vegetables are rich in organic acids that balance intestinal PH and probiotics to support the gut.

Go for a leaky gut test

If you aren’t sure whether the symptoms that you are experiencing are as a result of a leaky gut, then carry out a test to determine so. Currently, the best way to know if you have a leaky gut is by performing a zonulin test. This is one of the most effective tests to know if you have a leaky gut or no. Zonulin is a form of protein that regulates the size of openings in your intestinal wall. In normal conditions, we need just a small opening in our gut lining for nutrient transportation. Nevertheless, high levels of zonulin can expand these openings, which in turn cause the gut to leak. When a zonulin test is performed, it will be in a position to determine whether or not your zonulin levels have advanced. This test can be performed using enzyme-associated immunosorbent assay test (ELISA). This test is usually carried out by a physician.

Another test that can be conducted is the food sensitivity or allergy test. This is as well important in determining whether a person has a leaky gut or not. This is because food sensitivities can develop from heightened intestinal permeability. Use one of the tests to find out if you have a leaky gut or not. The best method to use is zonulin test.

How to cure a leaky gut in 4 simple steps

Curing a leaky gut can be done in some few steps which are as follows;

  1. Remove foods and factors that harm the gut

If you notice that you have a leaky gut, you should cure it immediately so that you avoid the bad signs that can lead to other ailments. Simply, start by removing the bad things that will affect or lead to the formation of the leaky gut. Things like toxic foods, inflammation, and intestinal infections should be done away with as they negatively affect the environment f the digestive tract.

  1. Replace with healing foods

As you get rid of the bad things that lead to the creation of a leaky gut, substitute them with the goods things and habits that will promote a healthy gut. Consume more of essential ingredients for excellent digestion and absorption. Boosting things like hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes and bile acids will support the development of a healthy gut.

  1. Repair with particular supplements

After replacing the bad with the good, it’s important to repair the gut by offering it with the necessary nutrients to do so. There are various supplements on the market that can be taken to help the gut restore itself. One of the most common supplements that is highly recommended is L-glutamine, which is an amino acid that assist to restore the lining of the gut wall.

  1. Rebalance by use of probiotics

Last but not least, it’s important to restore the beneficial bacteria that are lost when the gut is leaky. Use of probiotics will manage to recreate a healthy balance of the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

The 5 best supplements to use for curing the gut are;

  1. Digestive enzymes

Take one or two capsules when you begin to eat. Also, ensure that the foods that you eat are completely digested, which in turn lowers the chance that partially digested food particles and proteins are hurting your gut wall.

  1. L-glutamine

This should be taken 2 to 3 grams and twice a day. It is one of the most effective supplements as discussed earlier. The Glutamine powder is an essential amino acid supplement that has anti-inflammatory property and very crucial for the development and restoration of your intestinal lining. Some of its benefits are; acting as a repellent to irritants and coating your cell walls.

  1. Probiotics

These are considered as the best supplements for digestive health as they help to replenish beneficial bacteria and crowds the bad bacteria. Probiotics can be acquired from both food and in supplement form. A good number of people work hard to remove the harmful irritants but forget to replenish the gut with the good bacteria.

  1. Quercetin

Apart from healing a leaky gut, quercetin has been discovered to improve the gut barrier function by sealing the gut, because it promotes building of tight junction proteins. In addition, it lowers the release of histamine, which is common in food intolerance. Simply, consume 500 milligrams 3 times in a day together with other meals.

  1. Licorice root

This is a herb that is adptogenic and assists balance cortisol levels and betters acid creation in the stomach. The licorice root helps the body’s natural systems for maintain the mucosal lining of the stomach and duodenum. This herb is extremely beneficial if a person’s leaky gut is being brought about by emotional stress. The recommended does for this supplement is 500 milligrams two times in a day.


As seen from the above information concerning the leaky gut, it’s clear that this disease should be tackled early so as to combat its symptoms which lead to other forms of diseases. A leaky gut can be cured by use of certain supplements or eating of particular foods. Also, one can decide to stay away from some kinds of foods such as sugar and dairy. A proper diet will greatly lower or control the development of a leaky gut by ensuring there is balance of bacteria in the gut. If the disease doesn’t heal, see a doctor for guidance and proper cure.


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