Eucalyptus Oil Uses

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Have you used eucalyptus oil before or is it your first time? Users of eucalyptus oil have a rough idea of how beneficial this essential oil is. Originating from Australia, from a tree known as Eucalyptus globules, this oil was used by Aboriginal Australians to cure fever, wounds and fungal infections. Today, the oil has spread worldwide and is used for a number of health benefits. This is because of its outstanding properties that include; antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic and stimulating properties. Furthermore, the oil is colorless with a strong woody and nice smell. It is estimated that there are more than 700 species of eucalyptus and 500 of these produce essential oil.

Because of its medicinal value, eucalyptus essential oil is being widely used around the globe. It can be applied to cure asthma, diabetes, lice, control cough, cure pneumonia and many other ailments. This oil can be taken both orally and applied topically. Use it with moderation and in the right amount as it can become toxic when misused or if taken in overdose.

23 Eucalyptus Oil Uses

  1. Cures cold and flu

Colds and flu come into place as a result of a weak immune system. These ailments can be dealt with or cured by using eucalyptus oil. This oil functions as an expectorant and assist cleanse your body of dangerous microorganism that can make you to become sick. The best way to utilize eucalyptus oil to cure cold and flu is by dropping some portion of the oil in an oil diffuser before you head to sleep.

  1. Heals asthma

Asthma is a common illness that attacks many people around the world. There are different remedies known to cure asthma and using eucalyptus essential oil is among them. All you have to do is to massage a few drops of the eucalyptus oil and apply it on the chest. Alternatively, you can inhale the aroma of the oil directly to breathe well. This will in turn making you breathe better and feel well generally.

  1. Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a dangerous disease of the respiratory system. If you are suffering from pneumonia or tuberculosis, you can alleviate or cure this condition by simply applying eucalyptus oil on the chest. Rub the oil well on your chest as an inhalant or utilize it as vapor. It will in turn decrease irritation and clear the lungs. The oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help cure pneumonia and other respiratory ailments.

  1. Helps in muscle joint and pain relieve

Several people use this eucalyptus oil to help cure illnesses like muscle soreness and arthritis. These diseases cause joint pains which are discomforting. To get rid of this pain, apply eucalyptus oil topically. For effective use, add a carrier oil to eucalyptus oil in the right denominations. This is because eucalyptus oil may irritate your skin. Apply the combined oils on the painful muscle joints and you will feel relieved.

  1. Diabetes

Individuals who suffer from diabetes usually lack good circulation of blood. Diabetes is really life-threatening as it can lead to amputation or even death. For this reason, applying a substance that is able to improve blood circulation for diabetic people is crucial. Eucalyptus oil works effectively in assisting to control blood sugar. This enables the whole body to benefit from the increase in blood circulation. Simply apply the oil onto the skin to fully benefit from it.

  1. Intestinal germs

Eucalyptus is a vermifuge which is usually applied to get rid of germs in the gut. A study indicates that taking eucalyptus oil internally can eliminate and do away with many bacterial, parasitic and microbial issues that develop in different parts of your body. All you need to do is to include it in your diet or with different kinds of foods to reap its benefits and be free from diseases.

  1. Nourishes the hair

Keeping your hair well maintained and healthy is no easy thing. There are different hair products on the market that are used to maintain a wonderful and nourished hair. Conditions like itchy scalp and dandruff are very irritating and make the hair to be in bad shape. When you use eucalyptus oil, mixed with coconut or olive oil, this will provide you with a great and moisturizing outcome. This is a natural product and better than the commercial brand being sold on the market at a higher price.

  1. Bronchitis

Bronchitis is another dangerous respiratory disease. Eucalyptus oil can be applied to relieve or cure this ailment. Simply take the oil and apply it on the chest, throat and back to heal the bronchitis. Also, you can decide to capitalize on the oil by putting it in steam and inhaling its aroma directly to breathe better. Do this regularly and you will feel better after some time.

  1. Head lice

Having lice on your head can be disgusting and at the same time irritating. This is because they cause itchiness in your head and you will end up scratching it most of the time. These lice can be got rid by applying eucalyptus essential oil in your head. Also, the oil will promote hair growth as it cleanses and moisturizes it after eliminating the lice in the hair. Just use eucalyptus oil as your shampoo and you will be relieved of these conditions.

  1. Controls coughing

Coughing can be disturbing and tiring at the same time. When a person is suffering from a cough, he or she can utilize eucalyptus essential oil to relieve their condition. Simply, rub the essential oil on your chest or place it in steam for inhalation. An active ingredient in eucalyptus oil, referred to as ‘eucalyptol’ assists to control cough. Use the above two methods to treat cough and feel better.

  1. Used for follicle simulation

Follicles are small openings from where our hair develops. Eucalyptus oil has several chemicals that promote blood vessel constriction and cleansing. In return, this procedure promotes blood vessel constriction and is cleansing. All you need to do is apply the essential oil around the hair follicles so that there is even blood flow. The eucalyptus essential oil will excellently assist in the flow of blood and growth of the follicles.

  1. Hand cleaner

Why use commercial hand cleaners if you can create your own hand cleaner from home. Eucalyptus essential oil can be applied to get rid of grease or any grim on your hands and feet. All you have to do is to mix the oil with sea salt, and Epsom salt to create an excellent hand cleaner. Use the mixture to wash your hands and you will remove all the dirt and grim with much ease.

  1. Reduces fever

A person suffering from fever my turn out to have a warm body or high temperature. Fever is worrying and can make a person to panic and feel uncomfortable. To relieve fever, one can use eucalyptus oil together with peppermint oil to chase away the fever. Simply mix the two and create a spray that you apply on your body as a deodorant for it to reduce the temperature of your body. That’s why eucalyptus oil is at times referred as fever oil.

  1. Dental care

There are various diseases associated with our dental formula such as gum disease, plaque and germs in the mouth. If these ailments are left untreated, they can lead to serious dental issues. Eucalyptus oil is made up of antimicrobial property that helps to fight bacterial and other diseases in the mouth. Simply mix eucalyptus oil with coconut oil, pure aluminum free baking soda and stevia powder. Use this mixture to brush your teeth for a good dental health.

  1. Functions as an insect repellent

Insects can cause discomfort in your home and dealing with them early before they become uncontrollable is important. Instead of using harsh chemicals to get rid of them, you can simply utilize eucalyptus oil, which you should mix with neem essential oil, and clove. This combination will create an excellent insect repellent that will eliminate them from your home. Just spray it around your house and the insects will disappear very fast.

  1. Psychological exhaustion

One of the things that make eucalyptus essential oil to be famous is because of its ability to bring about relaxation and cool feeling when inhaled. People who are stressed up or have sleepless nights, normally use eucalyptus essential oil to make their situation. The oil is able to rejuvenate and stimulate the spirits of the ill and makes a person to be live again. In addition, if you are anxious, you can use this oil to be relaxed. Place it in an oil diffuser before you sleep.

  1. Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an ailment caused by bacterial infection. If not treated in good time, the disease may become dangerous. Eucalyptus oil functions perfect as it clears the lungs, battles bacterial infection and lowers inflammation too. Just take the oil and rub it on your chest or back to fully utilize its benefits in the healing of tuberculosis. But if this remedy doesn’t work effectively, quickly see a doctor as tuberculosis is a serious disease.

  1. Shingles

One of the uses of eucalyptus essential is to treat shingles. Since the oil has anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, it will aid reduce the pain brought about by the rash as a result of its powerful analgesic property. There are two ways to utilize on this essential oil to cure shingles. One is by using it in hot compress on the rash. The other method is by adding it to a warm bath.

  1. Wounds

Do you have a wound, cut or burn? Whatever it is, apply eucalyptus oil to heal it. Eucalyptus oil is made up of antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that are efficient at healing of cuts, wounds, sores and burns. The oil functions as a natural pain reliever to the affected spot and as well helps it from being infected. Simply apply a few drops of the oil on the wound to heal it.

  1. Aromatherapy

This is one of the best uses of eucalyptus oil. When this oil is placed in an oil diffuser, it will create a wonderful environment with a nice and refreshing scent. It is used in hospitals and at home as well. This is because the oil will provide a soothing environment by boosting concentration and killing the bacterial in the atmosphere. Use it when you feel stressed or are low.

  1. Antispetic

As a result of its antiseptic properties, this essential oil is included in first aid kits. Also, it is great for camping with just in case you land in an area with different bugs. You can spray it to chase away the bugs and have a nice sleep in the woods. In addition, the oil can help to get rid of skin irritations and other skin conditions like chicken pox and acne. Place the oil in bathing water or apply it on the affected skin areas to benefit from it.

  1. Removes spots

Another good use for eucalyptus essential oil is for use at home instead of laundry soap. It can help you get rid of tough spots and stains on your carpet or any other fabric that you maybe having in your home.

  1. Odor control

Are you fed up with the way your laundry smells and want something more natural and soothing? Then, use eucalyptus essential oil to change smell. Whether it is sticky shoes or laundry, give them a nice smell by removing odors with a wet rag in eucalyptus essential the oil-infused water, and put it outside to dry in the sun. The bad smell will disappear.


Eucalyptus oil side effects

Similar to most of the essential oils on the market, eucalyptus oil has a number of side effects that we are going t discuss below;

  • Allergic rash – a rash may developed by individuals with allergies to eucalyptus after the skin has been exposed to the oil.
  • Trouble breathing – toddlers and kids below the age of 6 shouldn’t inhale eucalyptus oil. This might lead to wheezing, apnea and asthma like signs if it’s rubbed on the skin of a young kid.
  • Asthma – although eucalyptus oil is used as a treatment for asthma and similar complications, it might activate the asthma itself in some unique individuals.
  • Drowsiness – when taken orally, eucalyptus oil may lead to drowsiness. Thus the right dose should be taken.
  • Toxicity – taking eucalyptus oil orally without the doctor’s consent can be very dangerous. An overdose of the oil can lead to seizures, stomach pain, trouble swallowing and shallow respiration.
  • Drug interactions – before you take this oil orally, speak to your doctor as it increases absorption of certain drugs and as alter the absorption of certain drugs that are metabolized in the liver.


Eucalyptus essential oil is suitable for use but it should be exercised with precaution. The oil comes with numerous health benefits that make ignoring it to be difficult.  Adults can take eucalyptus oil orally but in very minimal quantities. In addition, they should seek doctor’s advice before taking it orally. Also, kids under the age of 6 should not take or apply eucalyptus oil. When ingested in huge levels, eucalyptus oil may turn out to be toxic. The oil is very safe when applied on the skin. If you are breastfeeding or are pregnant, stay away from using eucalyptus oil. Finally, before you apply this essential oil, get in touch with your doctor.

Bottom Line

With the above detailed information about eucalyptus oil, it is evident that this oil has several benefits that make it be of vital importance in our homes. This essential oil can be taken either orally or applied topically for various health benefits. Kids below the age of 6 should not use this oil in whatsoever way. Even though the oil offers a number of health benefits, it as well has side effects which should be looked at before applying it. Before anybody uses this oil, it is highly recommended to consult a physician as oral intake may be harmful to your health when taken above the suggested doses.

Use the oil to cure diabetes, pneumonia, bronchitis, get rid of lice, use as air freshener, heal wounds, cure asthma and for dental health, among other applications. The oil functions well when taken in the right amounts. Hopefully, this article has provided you with good information concerning eucalyptus oil.


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