Lavender Oil Uses

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Lavender is one of the famous essential oils in the world. It has a strong and sweet scent that gives a person a soothing feeling. The oil can be applied for a number of health and wellness benefits which makes it to be a favorite in homes. The scientific name for lavender oil is “Lavandula angustifiola”. Many people just know a handful uses of this oil. That’s why, we went ahead and researched deeply and came up with 28 uses for lavender oil which we have discussed further below. This oil will enable you support your nervous system, cure skin conditions, support cardiovascular system and provide a calming effect to your body.

28 lavender oil uses

  1. Treat headache

After a long day at work or after performing various tasks, having a headache can be normal. But if you want to relax and cool down, you can use lavender oil to relieve the headache. All you have to do is place a few drops of oil in a diffuser next to your bed or in your room. After sometime, you will feel relieved and better.

  1. Insomnia

Some people have sleep disorders caused by one thing or another. Doctors say that sleeping is very important for a healthy and stronger body. If you have trouble sleeping, then you should try out lavender oil. This oil should be put in an oil diffuser so that you can inhale the scent and make you become sleepy. Place the diffuser in your room or next to your bed to fully capitalize on it.

  1. Treat burns and cuts

Burns and cuts should be handled with outmost care. This is because if the cut or burn is not cared for may end up getting worse. Simply apply lavender oil to protect and help the cut area cure faster. This is because lavender has antimicrobial properties that prevent a many infections and fight bacterial or fungal disorders. For excellent performance, combine it with oils like clove and tea tree oil.

  1. Improves mood

If you feel moody or stressed up and need something to relax you, don’t rush to take anything but apply lavender oil. Several studies show that lavender oil is able to cure various neurological illnesses like stress, depression and anxiety. So, apply lavender behind your ears or place some drops of oil in an oil diffuser to improve your mood or make you cool down.

  1. Used to cure diabetes

Another great remedy for lavender essential oil is that it can help relieve diabetes. A study conducted in Tunisia found out that lavender oil use protected the body from the following signs of diabetes; metabolic illness, liver and kidney antioxidant depletion, increase in blood sugar, weight increase and liver & kidney dysfunction. All you have to do is to cook the oil in the food or use it a as dessert to receive the benefits.

  1. Used to repel insects

Most of the insects don’t love the smell of lavender. So, if you want to chase away or repel them from coming to your house, plant lavender around your windows and doors. Also, you can hang bags of dried lavender in closets or even drawers. If you suspect to have insects or bugs in your bedroom, sprinkle lavender oil on the mattress to get rid of them.

  1. Relieve bug bites

During summer, enjoying the sun and lovely environment is overwhelming. Also, this is the best time to go swimming or even camping. But at the same time, most of the bags are out during this time of the season. To avoid bug bites or cure their irritation, apply lavender on the affected areas to relieve the burning sensation. This will stop the itching and relieve the pain too.

  1. Cure eczema

Skin conditions are very common and can come up as a result of a number of factors. Some of the common skin conditions are eczema. If you have this skin condition, don’t rush to acquire over-the-counter products as you can use lavender oil to treat them. Simply, place lavender oil on the affected area and you will feel relieved.

  1. Relieve chapped lips

A very disgusting lip condition is having a chapped lip. Chapped lips cause pain and most of the time you have to treat them carefully not to interfere with them. These lips can be well handled by applying lavender oil to them. All you have to do is add lavender oil apply lavender oil on the chapped lips to become soft and relieve you from the pain. Also, chapped hands can be softened by mixing lavender oil with a moisturizer.

  1. Treat dandruff

Is dandruff giving you head? Use lavender oil to cure and get rid of the itchy scalp and dandruff on your head. Take drops of lavender oil and mix with either almond oil or olive oil for effective use. Apply the warm mixture on the head and massage it. Then cover your head with a shower cap. After one hour, wash your head with a mild shampoo. Repeat this for some time to completely get rid of the dandruff.

  1. Relieve menstrual cramps

Do you have menstrual cramps? Get to relieve or cure your cramps by simply applying lavender oil on your lower abdomen. Alternatively, you can apply a hot compress onto the affected area with lavender oil that has been sprinkled. Do this on consecutive days to relieve the condition.

  1. Relieve sinusitis

Sinusitis is a disorder that makes breathing to become a problem. If you are suffering from this ailment, use lavender oil to relieve the condition and feel better once more. Place a few drops of lavender oil in a diffuser and place it near you. Inhaling the scent will open up your chest for normal breathing and you will feel better.

  1. Calm nerves

If your nerves are aching and you feel you aren’t relaxed, just apply lavender oil to calm them. There are different ways through which you can utilize this oil. First, apply it on the affected nerves or apply it as you take a bath.

  1. Improve digestion

People who usually have digestive problems after meals should take lavender oil. This is because the oil relieves indigestion and lowers acid reflux. In addition, the oil can be used to soothe the stomach and improve digestion by just taking a drop of it on the back of your tongue.

  1. Reduce fever

Fever makes you body temperature to rise and cause a lot of discomfort to a person. If you have fever and want to cool your body to its usual temperature, add lavender oil in warm bathing water. This helps to lower fever in both adults and children.

  1. Natural deodorizer

Kill all the bacteria in your laundry or clothes by adding lavender oil while washing. Also, you can use lavender oil to give your beddings, clothes, towels and curtains a nice smell by including it in water used for washing them. Also, you can just sprinkle the oil instead of including it while washing.

  1. Reverse hair loss

Tired of losing your hair? It s high time you have a steady and healthy growth of hair. All you need is to apply lavender oil in your hair. Since lavender oil is applied to cure stress, insomnia and anxiety, it can be a great substance to use to promote hair growth. This is because loss of hair is as well caused by these issues. The oil increases blood circulation which supports growth of hair.

  1. Aromatherapy

Want to relieve yourself after a long and stressful day? There is no better way to do it than with lavender oil. Put some drops of the essential oil in your bathing water to soothe your body or alternatively place it in an oil diffuser to enjoy its scent as you relax and cool your mind.

  1. Acts as a pain reliever

Whatsoever pain you are going through, just know lavender oil can relieve you from it. Whether it’s because of a cut, burn, bruise, muscle pain or even head, the oil will effective relieve you from the pain. Apply the oil on the area that you are feeling pain to relieve it.

  1. Helps fight free radicals

The body comes into contact with various free radicals such as pollutants and chemicals which are harmful to the body. A study carried out in China discovered that lavender oil has strong antioxidants that assist to secure the body against harm caused by these free radicals.

  1. Reduces bloating

When there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the body can lead to bloating. Lavender oils works excellent in reducing the bad bacteria I your blood thus assisting to reduce swelling up. All you need to do is to apply lavender oil on your food or in a dessert to relieve bloating.

  1. Hair conditioner

Is your hair rugged and less shiny? Use lavender oil by applying it on the scalp. Apply warm oil and mix it with water. Rinse your hair with this mixture and allow it stay for 15 minutes. This will turn your hair to being shinny and cured from other scalp conditions like dandruff.

  1. Aid in treating of head lice

Are head lice giving you a hard time? Head lice can cause you to itch your scalp and feel uncomfortable throughout. But with lavender oil, it will help you get rid of the lice and their eggs. The powerful antiseptic properties of lavender oil will kill the lice and as well condition your hair to grow better.

  1. Treats sunburn

Sunburns are very irritating and can leave scars behind. Instead of using commercial products to relive sunburns, use a natural substance like lavender essential oil. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve sunburns and scars.

  1. Fatigue

If you feel tired after a long day at work, you can use lavender oil to relieve yourself and feel energized once more. Lavender oil can be placed in an essential oil diffuser to help you cool down. This will make you feel relieved and back to your normal self.

  1. Relieve earaches

Suffering from earaches? Use lavender oil to relieve the pain on your ears by applying it into the skin behind the ears, below the jaw, and over the temples. This will relieve the pain.

  1. Soothe sore throat

Is a sore throat troubling you? Don’t worry as there is a natural remedy that can help relieve your sore. Use lavender oil by applying it on your chest, neck or inhale some by placing it in an oil diffuser to fully benefit from it.

  1. Use as a toner

Lavender oil can also be applied to tone your skin. This is because it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that will get rid of the toxins on your skin and give it a nice glow. The oil soothes and refreshes the skin. Mix it with apple cider vinegar for full utilization.

Different ways of using lavender oil

With regard to what you want to use lavender for, this oil can be applied in a number of ways. These include;

  • Orally – lavender oil can be ingested into the body through cooking it in various foods. The oil can be applied to soften citrus flavors and add flavor to baked foods and desserts.
  • Topically – lavender has been discovered to treat various skin conditions when applied on the infected area. Rub it on the neck and back to relieve stress or hair to cure dandruff and support hair growth
  • Inhaled – another amazing way to utilize lavender oil is by inhaling it relieve several respiratory diseases and give the air a nice aroma. The oil can be included in bed sheets or laundry to have a nice smell.

Lavender oil side effects

After looking at the 20+ benefits of lavender oil, it’s clear that this oil is worth having in your home.  But despite all these benefits it comes with, it has some side effects which should be observed when using it. Several studies that have been done on lavender don’t state if it’s harmful in any way. Though being safe for use, lavender oil should be used with caution by pregnant women and children. Pregnant women or women who are nursing can apply lavender as a result of its relaxing effect on muscles. Also, the oil has a strong effect on hormone levels. Pregnant women should talk to their doctors before using this oil. In addition, lavender oil is safe for use on kids. But also, doctor’s attention is needed before using it on kids to heal any ailment.

Individuals who are taking any prescription for sleep related disease should cease from using this essential oil. This is because lavender can heighten the effectiveness of these medicines as it can make people sleepy or drowsy too. So, when taking sleep aids or any other kind of sedative, you should stop using this oil until you are fine. If you have to undergo surgery in two weeks time, you should as well stop using lavender oil.

Where to purchase lavender

If you are interested in acquiring lavender oil, ensure you acquire the best quality in the market. Different brands offer this oil but selecting from the best is really crucial. Choose a brand that provides a therapeutic grade and organic lavender oil. Some brands provide lavender oil that has been sprayed with chemicals and it isn’t original. To fully benefit from lavender oil, ensure you don’t buy a lesser quality as it won’t have the same properties like the organic type.



Lavender oil has shown that it isn’t just nice smelling, but as well can be used for various home and health roles. This oil is safe for use by children, and even pregnant mothers. Just like any other oil, it should be taken in the right dosage and consultation of a physician is also important before using it. No matter the condition you are having be it an irritating skin, itchy head or sinus infection, use this oil by applying it orally, topically or inhaling it to reap its benefits. If you’ve been stressed up and need something to calm you down, place this oil in your oil diffuser and get to sleep and feel relaxed when you wake up.

Hope you’ve found all the crucial information that you needed to know about the different uses of lavender essential oil.

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