Chamomile Tea Benefits

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Chamomile tea has been utilized from the past to date. Being a herb from the daisy family, chamomile tea has an active ingredients which is bisabolol that contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-irritant properties that enable it heal various ailments. It is well known for its abilities to heal stomach issues, soothe menstrual signs and treat sleeping disorders. The lovely chamomile flower is native to North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. The two most famous types of chamomile tea are German and Roman chamomile tea.

Similar to other herbs, chamomile tea can be used to heal skin and hair issues too. It can be applied topically, inhaled or taken as tea in order to benefit from it. This article has useful information that will enable you know more about chamomile tea and how you can utilize it.

22 wonderful chamomile tea benefits

  1. Heals insomnia

Sleep is a very important thing in the life cycle of a human being. Lack of enough sleep can lead to various disorders. But when you get enough sleep, your body will be active and healthy at the same time. So, if you are having trouble to sleep, you can decide to start taking chamomile tea before bed time. This will help you take a nap quickly and easily. This is because chamomile tea is regarded as a wonderful tranquilizer.

  1. Treats menstrual cramps

Area you suffering from menstrual spasms? There is no need to worry anymore as taking chamomile tea will help you a great deal. Menstrual cramps or spasms can cause discomfort during monthly periods. To relieve this condition, take chamomile tea. This is because chamomile tea often creates levels of amino acid glycine in your body and big amounts of glycine may assist to eases menstrual spasms by lessening muscle fits and enhancing your body to unwind. Simply consume at least 2 to 3 cups of tea every day.

  1. Stomach cramps treatment

Stomach problems such as cramps, can be cured by drinking chamomile tea. Stomach cramps cause a lot of discomfort to a person and no one wishes to undergo such a condition for long. Drinking chamomile tea relieves the stomach of this condition. Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that enable it to easily cure stomach cramps. All you require to do is drink chamomile tea at least twice a day.

  1. Bowel syndrome

The irritable bowel syndrome, also abbreviated as IBS is usually an interminable state of the digestive system. This condition leads to stomach issues and causes discomfort. The bowel syndrome can be successfully treated by just drinking chamomile tea. Chamomile tea works by lessening cramping and pain in the insides and in addition, it eases gas and bloating in the digestive tracts. Just take chamomile tea twice a day and you won’t experience the same issues again.

  1. Cures allergy and rashes

Do you have rashes on your body as a result of a certain allergy? Don’t just panic yet a there is a simple home remedy you can use to clear the rashes and stay healthy with a glowing skin. Take chamomile tea daily and you will cure the allergy. In addition, take a cotton bud and deep it into chamomile tea, and then apply it on the affected spot. The rashes will disappear after few applications of the tea on the area.

  1. Heals migraines

Whether you are feeling a headache, sleepiness or nervous, just take chamomile tea and you will feel better. The herb has vital properties that enable it to ease off your sensory system’s movements. Also, the tea lowers pain and irritation that you may be experiencing. To successfully relieve your body of these conditions, take at least 4 cups of chamomile tea the whole day. This will help you feel better and the headache migraine will disappear.

  1. Skin bleach

Bored of your skin and want to lighten it up? Chamomile tea is an excellent skin dye and lightener. When applied on your skin, it will give it a solid gleam. The tea is able to lighten your pores, mollify the skin and if used for long like two weeks or more, it will blur spots and pimple inflammation scars. To utilize this tea better, mix it with one container of water, one tablespoon of nectar, rose water and three dried teaspoons of chamomile flower. Mix them and apply on your face or neck. You will be amazed of how your skin will lighten.

  1. Heals stomach ulcer

Having ulcers is very uncomfortable because of the acid released in the stomach that causes irritation and inflammation. If you want to cure this condition and feel comfortable again, simply take chamomile tea on a daily basis to combat this situation. In addition, people who have had surgery for uprooting of stones in the stomach can take this tea as it will assist to inhibit the redevelopment of these stones once more. Take chamomile tea at least twice a day to fully benefit from it.

  1. Skin irritation

Skin irritation can be caused by a number of things. Most people experience skin irritation and this shouldn’t come as a surprise as the skin comes into contact with several things. These irritations can be easily got rid of by using chamomile in your bath. Take a shower by adding chamomile in warm water before bathing. Also, you can add the herb in kids bathing water so that they can be relieved from diaper rash and several other skin conditions.

  1. Skin inflammation

Inflammation of the skin can make a person to scratch or itch their skin which may lead to more issues. If you have skin inflammation, it’s good to take care of it quickly by applying chamomile tea on the affected are so that you can avoid outbreak of serious skin issues. Alternatively, you can decide to sip the tea orally and you will still be able to cure the skin inflammation.  Chamomile has anti-inflammatory property that makes it able to alleviate a person from skin inflammation.

  1. Skin moisturizer

Tired of using toxic and harmful commercial skin moisturizer products? Try out chamomile tea as your natural skin moisturizer. Using chamomile tea as your home lotion will help you have a cleaner and well toned skin. Take this tea and as well apply it on your skin so that you can utilize it fully. Use it regularly if you want your skin to appear smooth and lovely. Also, you can apply hot steam from chamomile tea if you want added benefits.

  1. Removes dark circles

Dark circles on your face make your skin to have uneven complexion which many people despise. The good news is that these dark circles can be done away with if you use chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is rich in properties that are able to lighten the skin and improve its tone. All you require to do is to dip chamomile tea sack in warm water for around 5 minutes and then cool it a bit before placing it below your eyes. Leave it there for another 5 minutes and wash with clean water. After sometime, you will realize that the dark circles have disappeared.

  1. Treats hair dandruff

Chamomile tea has powerful anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties that enable it to relieve and cue dandruff. Dandruff causes scalp irritation which makes a person to have the desire of scratching their scalp. To exceptionally utilize chamomile tea, use it to rinse your hair. This should be done after washing your hair and then apply it. Do this on a daily basis to see excellent outcomes and the disappearance of dandruff on your head

  1. Reduce swelling

One of the most disgusting skin conditions to have is pimples on the face. When a pimple is pressed and interfered with, it swells making it appear bad on your face. This can be got rid of by using icy chamomile tea sack. This is capable of reducing swelling and redness of the pimples. All you require to perform is to apply chamomile tea on the affected spot and you will see wonderful results. Do this twice a day.

  1. Controls diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes, taking chamomile will be of great benefit to you. This is because chamomile tea is made up of powerful organic constituents that assist to get rid of massive drops and spikes in blood sugar. The tea helps diabetic individuals by reducing blood sugar levels and regulating the level of insulin in the blood. Talk to your doctor and find out what amount of chamomile tea is good for you to drink.

  1. Get rid of wrinkles

With its antioxidant property, expect chamomile tea to fight free radicals in the body and as well get rid of ageing signs on your skin. If you have wrinkles or other ageing signs, just take chamomile tea and also apply it on the affected areas and you will be on your path to acquiring a healthy and smooth skin once more. Chamomile helps in cell and tissue recreation which assists to tighten the pores and slows down ageing signs.

  1. Boosts immune system

Chamomile tea is made up of various properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic and analgesic. All of these combine to enable it fight off various diseases as it makes the immune system to be stronger. Take this tea at least twice a day so that you can continue having a stringer immune system.

  1. Reduces stress

If you feel that you are tired, stressed or not settled, drink chamomile tea as its soothing properties will ensure that your mind is relaxed and the stress is no longer there. All you need to do is to take 3 to 4 cups of chamomile tea per day and you will feel better.

  1. Reduces danger of breast cancer and thyroid

A study conducted in Greece has discovered that people who take chamomile tea have lesser chances of having thyroid cancer than those who don’t. This is after it found out that people in Greece who have thyroid cancer are less when compared to countries like United States and in Europe. It is thought that the flavonoids found in chamomile tea such as apigenin contribute to it being anti cancer potency. Simply take at least one cup of chamomile tea on a daily basis.

  1. Reduces acne

Skin flares and other skin conditions like acne are very irritating and uncomfortable to have. Applying chamomile oil on the affected area will help you relieve and get rid of acne skin condition. This is made possible by chamomile tea properties which are anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

  1. Treats sunburn

Walking out in the sun during summer or in just a hot afternoon can lead to sunburns. Sunburns are very irritating and healing them in time is important. Use chamomile tea to cure sunburns by brewing it and placing a cloth or towel in it which you apply on the affected area. This is made possible because of chamomile tea properties (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory).

  1. Treats cuts and wounds

Have you had cuts or wounds recently? Use chamomile tea to relieve and cure cuts or wounds as it’s made up of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in the healing process. Simply apply it topically on the affected area and you can as well drink it for added benefits.

How to use dried chamomile flowers

Apart from using chamomile flowers to prepare tea, it can as well be prepared by using one of these methods:

  • Gargle – pour four ounces of boiling water over a half ounce of dried chamomile flowers and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Use a gargle to lower inflammation of mouth and throat.
  • While bathing – for those with an irritated skin and skin inflammation, add 2 ounces of chamomile flowers to warm bath water. For full utilization, add 15 drops of tea tree oil essential oil.
  • Inhalation – if you have inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, simply put 4 ounces of boiling water over a half ounce of chamomile dried flowers. Then, place a towel over your head and breathe in steam one to three times every day.

How to make a cup of chamomile tea

Making tea is very easy. But is there a special way to make tea so that it’s potent and more beneficial to you? Here is one of the best ways to make chamomile tea.

  1. Pour water in a pan
  2. Boil the water as you rinse and clean chamomile flowers in cold water
  3. When the water comes to boil, put 2 t0 3 teaspoons of chamomile flowers
  4. After the water turns the color and you can smell he flower aroma, turn the heat off.
  5. Pour the tea into a cup
  6. Add raw honey to the tea to improve the taste


Chamomile tea has a number of health benefits as seen from above. But before you use it, try to consider the following precautions so that you don’t end up regretting. Also, speak to your doctor before you start using chamomile tea.

  • If you have any other disease, speak to your physician before using it.
  • Chamomile tea may react with drugs like NSAID pain relievers, sedatives, blood thinners, antiplatelet, aspirin and naproxen.
  • Chamomile tea can cause some allergic reactions. So, if you are allergic to chamomile, ragweed, marigold, celery, chrysanthemums and daisies, then you should stay away from this tea.
  • If you are going to have surgery, you shouldn’t take chamomile tea two weeks before the surgery.
  • Avoid using chamomile tea on the eye as it may cause it to become pink.
  • Pregnant women should stay away from chamomile tea as it increases the risk of having a miscarriage.
  • If you intend to use chamomile tea topically, test it and ensure that you aren’t allergic to it.


Chamomile tea provides a number of skin, hair and health benefits. This tea has been used for many years for its various health benefits from different parts of the world. Before you drink this tea or any other herbal tea, you should consult your doctor first. Also, chamomile tea can be utilized in a number of ways depending on what you want to treat. If it’s the skin, catty out a test first before applying it. Hopefully, you have found the information above on chamomile tea benefits to be helpful.

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